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My next goal is to create a foundation that helps Gen-Z with their depression & anxiety, since it’s now at an all time high. Support me on patreon so I can support others with my next most effective vision.

Children  With Trauma: “A Picture Of Possibility- The You Matter Fundraiser”

You Matter was a fundraiser created in 2019, dedicated to cure the depression, addiction, bullying, violence, and school shootings plaguing the youth. Nic McLaughlin had volunteered to create the theme around the concept of the term, “You Matter”, while hosting for the event.

Women Overcoming Domestic Abuse: “Reborn, A Celebration For Transformation”

Reborn was a fundraiser created in 2018, where Nic McLaughlin and a group of his friends collaborated to honor and celebrate Women who’ve overcome domestic abuse. They did this by connecting with women that have been domestically abused, and encouraged them to share their stories while embracing their beauty, by participating as models for a fashion show that would highlight their confidence, vulnerability and inner strength. Nic had volunteered to Host and support in establishing the creation of the event. The event was featured by

Families Falling Apart: “Walk For Family”

This movement was a collaboration effort with global cause to become a premier provider of relationship education and an enabler of social change through the creation of world-class resources for individuals, couples in relationships and in the end, the world. Walk for family was a movement where families create time for one another to walk together and show each other their commitment towards one another. In 2017, Nic acted in a film as a father who was overly caught up in work, and as a result, started to negatively impact the lives of his wife and child. By the end, Nic put family over everything and was guided by, “Walk For Family” to help him reconnect with himself, his family and to see the influence of where he placed his true importance.

Hospital Reunion For Previously Saved Babies: “The Henry Mayo Hospital NICU Reunion”

This was a very special time of year where the very nurses that saved the lives of babies in the intensive care unit would reconnect with the parents and even the very babies that have now grown up happy, healthy and strong. From 2014-2017, Nic McLaughlin had volunteered to support the vision of the NICU reunion, volunteering as a graphic designer, photographer and event assistant.


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